A Unique Golf Experience

Experience NY Public Golf at It’s Finest

Nestled in the serene landscape just east of the Meadowbrook Parkway and gracefully positioned south of Merrick Road in the charming town of Merrick, New York, our golf course stands as a beacon for enthusiasts of the sport. This exquisitely challenging nine-hole, MGA-rated gem, with its par-36 and expansive 3,200-yard layout, invites golfers to embark on a journey where every club in their bag will find its moment to shine.

The meticulously designed course, boasting elevated greens that command precision, and generous fairways that forgive the errant shot, ensures a balanced game for both the seasoned player and the eager novice. Each hole is crafted to enhance the natural beauty of the surrounding area, creating a picturesque backdrop for a day spent on the links. Additionally, a practice putting green awaits those looking to fine-tune their strokes, offering a perfect setting for warming up or winding down.

Complementing the physical allure of the course is a well-appointed Pro Shop. Here, golfers can find not only the latest in equipment to elevate their game but also a collection of apparel to ensure they look their best while doing so. The Pro Shop serves as a hub of activity, a place where stories of triumphant rounds and near-misses are shared among friends new and old.

Central to the experience is the availability of personal instruction from a certified PGA and LPGA teaching professionals. These expert, with a deep understanding of the game and a passion for teaching, offer personalized lessons tailored to each golfer’s unique style and objectives. Whether refining the subtleties of a swing or mastering the mental game, the guidance of our professional ensures every golfer leaves feeling more confident and connected to the sport.

Beyond instruction, the professional staff is dedicated to assisting golfers with their equipment needs. From fitting clubs to recommending the latest in technological advancements, our team ensures that each golfer is equipped to meet the challenges of the course head-on.

In sum, our course is more than just a place to play golf; it’s a sanctuary for those who love the game. With its strategic design, comprehensive facilities, and dedicated staff, it offers an unmatched experience that beckons golfers back time and time again. We invite you to join us, to make memories and to discover the beauty and challenge of golf in Merrick, NY.